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Turntable Service, Maintenance, or Modifications
Are you a Vinyl Lover?

If you are looking to have your turntable returned back to the condition it used to be in,
here are a couple of companies that can help you with this!

I have been in the Audio business for over 30 years. I have sold and serviced about every brand and most models of turntables you can name. I no longer take in outside work, but I do recommend these service centers to help your with your Classic Turntable needs.

This has been one of the best sources for service since 1968!
You can have these folks repair, and restore your table to great working condition. While they work on all types, they specialize in Dual, Garrard, Bic, and Technics vibtage Turntables. If you have ever tried to find a service center to work on your fully automatic table you will be glad you found this one!


Specializing in Technics Turntables