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Vintage Stereo Electronics


Harmon Kardon Receivers

Pioneer Top  Line Components

High End Thorens Turntables

Kenwood Equalizers

JVC SEA Series Receivers


I have been collecting  what is now called vintage audio components since they were new !
In fact I have owned and operated 3 different used audio stores in the last 30 years and
owned and worked at several other stores which sold all levels of new audio equipment

I currently sell all of my collection of classic audio equipment through what I consider to be the Best online Classic Hifi site,

If you want to see real Great classic audio which has been refurbished, tested, and generally comes with a warranty from an an audio enthusiast who Truly stands behind his products and believes Customer Service is King, go to OAKTREEVINTAGE and contact Jerry!

To See More,


Looking for Vintage Stereo Parts or Information? Do you need Free Service Advice about Vintage Stereo Hifi Equipment?

Check out our CBSMart Forum!

Kenwood Monster Receivers

Marantz 2330BD Receiver

Tandberg Receiver

Dual Turntables

Pioneer HPM 100 Speakers

Changer / Stacker Turntables

Top of the Line Yamaha Receivers

Pioneer 4 Channel Receiver

8 Track Tape Decks

B & O 6000 Receiver

B & O High Quality Speakers

Bose 901
Other Various Speaker Stands

High End Pre Amplifiers

Awesome Reel to Reel Machines

High End Pioneer Equalizers

Classic Pioneer Receivers

Rare Full Enclosure Koss Headphones

Lattice Grill Classic Speakers

Classic Am/Fm Tuners

Pioneer Dynamic Range Expanders

Classic Pioneer Receivers

SONY High End Turntables

Technics Turntables

Linear Track Tunrtables

Carver Receivers

B & O Tunrtables

Collectible Dynaco Power Amps

Carver Integrated Amps

JVC Compu Control Cassette Decks

Integrated Amps

Dynaco Seperates

Collectible Empire Turntables

Soundcraftsmen Equalizers

High Quality Switcher units

Audio Control Equalizers

Marantz Cassette Deck

Top of the Line Teac Reel to Reels

Pioneer Equalizer

Yamaha CR 2020 Receiver

Tandberg TR 2045 Receiver

Sunn Power Amplifier

Pioneer 4-channel Power Amplifier

Yamaha Pre Amplifier

Yamaha Power Amplifier
Various Brands of Vintage Stereo Electronics
including these major manufacturers
Pioneer Technics Sansui Denon Marantz Garrard
Kenwood Sony Yamaha Mcintosh B & O Dual
JVC DBX Carver      Teac ADS Phase Linear

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