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Jerry's Oak Tree Vintage always has a good selection on his classic Hi-Fi / Stereo Gear page that has been checked, cleaned, repaired, etc. to insure worry-free operation and is usually offered with a limited warranty. are sellers of refinished historic collectible Antique Trunks.
We sell Antique and Vintage Steamer Trunks, Camelback Trunks, Jenny Lind Trunks,
Rare Collectible Trunks of all kinds, and unique Wooden Cases and Boxes.
These wonderful trunks have often traveled across America and even the world!
They are indeed a part of the American Legacy.

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A Division of Legacy

Holiday Hills offers a wide range of Unique Items: Rare Collectibles,Vintage Electronics,New Innovations in electronics, Fishing and sports equipment, Music equipment, Cooking and decorating collectibles, Holiday items,e lectronics parts and salvage, Tapes, rare records,
And much, much more!
Western Collectibles and Saddles, Art and Sculpture Pieces,Unique Vintage and New Fishing Equipment, Holiday Treasures and Decorating gifts,Unique Collectibles, and Much Much More FOR SALE!

Classic Audio  ~  Service Manuals, User Manuals, 

Sales Brochures & More! "THE" source for audio owners, operators & service manuals as well as literature & brochures. We have ordered from him numerous times and his reprints are TOP NOTCH!!!
PS. Ask about...No, Order, his "Pioneer Audio Bible". The new 4th edition is just out. We own the 2nd edition, and it's one if the best "tools" we have ever purchased. Worth 10 times the price!!! Whether you're a legit audio collector / dealer or a "wannabe" selling away "junkers" on eB_ y,  you need this. It will help you squeeze more dollars per unit and will quickly more than pay for itself and make you even more money.


Elements - Gifts & Decor 
A Great website offering Deco / Retro. Featuring Reproduction radios,
telephones, music boxes, etc.

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