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Centerlink CL-1 Surround Sound Module

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What does the Center Link CL-1 Do? 
This New Innovative Unit allows the user to connect the center channel speaker outputs on most surround sound stereo amplifier / receiver units directly to the Audio Inputs on your television Monitor, allowing you to use your Television Speaker System as your Center Channel Speaker and avoid the cost and placement difficulties of separate Center Channel Speakers! 

 The Frequency response on even the smaller T.V. speaker systems is comparable and generally matches the Frequency response of separate 'Center Channel' Speakers available.
 (Obviously you need to compare similar quality levels of electronics) 

The separate 'Center Channel' Speakers generally handle more power which does not matter when you use the CenterLink CL-1 as the T.V. system now powers the T.V. system speakers independent of your Surround Sound Amplifier / Receiver unit.

"One of the Main complaints about Center Channel Speakers is" 
Placement of a Center Channel Speaker can be a Challenge. 
Most speakers are minimum of 12" wide, 6" tall, and 5"deep. 
You need to place it in the center of your viewing area, on top of your TV, Monitor, or Big screen, or find a place in your cabinet or on top or below it. 
Other options include Permanent In Wall Mounting (a Costly and involved Option) or custom manufactured furniture, if you want the speaker to fit into your home decor instead of looking like an odd-ball speaker just stuck there in your room, or purchase custom manufactured furniture to accommodate it, and then HIDE the Center Channel Speaker.
Most Importantly, All these options are Very Costly! 

The CenterLink CL-1 requires Audio Inputs on your T.V. System for connections. In our testing, with various types of T.V. systems, we found that the speakers in the unit compared Very nicely with a 'Center Channel Speaker' of comparable quality. Smaller T.V. units compared with small center channel speakers, and Big Screen speaker systems compared Very Nicely, and were many times preferred over the separate center channel speaker. 

The CenterLink CL-1 saves YOU Money and Space, allows you to utilize the speaker system of the T.V. system you paid SO Much for, and Sounds Very Comparable or Better.  When you consider that by using the CenterLink and your current T.V speaker system, you now have high Quality Center Channel Speaker System with separate volume and tone control on your center channel system by utilizing the volume and tone controls in the T.V system.

30 Day defective unit replacement warranty.
Return shipping costs not included .